Loose threads, broken pieces — Concluding Picard season 1

The series logo for Star Trek: Picard
  • What is going on with Altan Inigo Soong? he clearly seemed disappointed with the life he and Bruce Maddox ended up creating, when he realised it was just as capable of deception and hatred as organics. There was a definite vibe that the “golem” was meant for him, or for him to force Agnes into to prove her devotion to Bruce… and yet they save Picard. What happens to him, now?
  • Who’s running the synth colony? what’s next?
  • Er, so that Borg cube, with a number of Ex-Bs on board, presumably lots of Romulan tech too… they are just going to leave it on Coppelius?
  • … also, the long-running background question of the series, what happened to the Borg? Are they out there? will they come back? Picard is still haunted by references to “Locutus”, Seven to her assimilation. Did they simply… go away?
  • Where did Narek go? What about his auntie, Ramdha?
  • All OK with Starfleet now, then? Off with the baddie security lady, and now we’re all friends again?
  • Where is La Sirena headed off to?
  • The comics and novel and flashbacks made it fairly clear that the synth rebellion on Mars basically crippled Starfleet’s military capability (presumably, for many many years — there’s a reference to Mars “still burning” in an earlier episode). How does Riker show up with ~100 full-strength high-tech ships… without the aid of a transwarp conduit?
  • The Big Bad being metal squid tentacles from another dimension made me sigh — I wondered what was coming, but that was a bit of a let-down.



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Andy Piper

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