Andy’s discoveries and musings — Issue #2

Longer-form content from me, this week

I’ve been podcasting with my friends Michael Martine and Michael Rowe since back when I worked with them together at IBM and we were 3D internet / Second Life / gamification / social business pioneers. Our original podcast, Dogear Nation, ran 200 episodes, and the current show is over 300 episodes now — I’m an occasional guest host at the moment, since calendars do not always align. Fun show on Friday, just myself and Michael Martine.

Links I found interesting

I’m always curious to know what the rest of the world thinks about Twitter, and the EFF and Cory Doctorow in particular are heroes of mine. I’m interested in where Project Blue Sky goes. I love Twitter, and I also love the open web. I can see the challenges in a federated system, but there are also so many exciting opportunities.

Pitchforks set to Stun ·

Organize Your GitHub Stars With Ease | Astral
Astral is the best way to manage your starred repositories on GitHub using tags, notes and a powerful search feature.

Silly and fun things :-)

(ICYMI) a little further back…



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Andy Piper

Andy Piper

Work: @Twitter; Interests: Open Source | Community | LEGO | MQTT | IoT; Views: entirely my own