A couple of weeks ago, I learned from my podcast co-hosts, Michael Martine and Michael Rowe, that something new was afoot.

tl;dr I’ve long been fascinated by the convergence of the physical, virtual, visual, and digital worlds (as have Michael and Michael), and I have a background in literature, Shakespeare, and performance arts.

I was particularly excited that Dream was produced in Portsmouth, where I went to school and largely grew up; and that the performance space is the Portsmouth Guildhall, where I stood myself, as a treble chorister, in a performance of Verdi’s Requiem, 30+ years ago!

Dream is…

I cannot imagine myself in a role where I need to deliver code to a spec on a specific schedule. I've been fortunate through consulting, problem solving / support, and Dev Rel, to not have to do that on a 9-5 basis, and to have gained all the platform stack and coding language skills you mention. It turns out to be a great role for my mindset :-) and the community aspect speaks to my social preference, as well.

Well, if the “new” world of newsletters is going to be any, for me, it’s likely to be a slow burner.

I remember Roo’s Letter was a fun weekly distraction, and Benedict Evans has had one for the longest time… Going even further back, Delicious used to post a weekly summary of links on my Twitter feed for me. These days, I bookmark / curate links into several Flipboard publications of my own, and otherwise, I Tweet (a LOT). For the last several years I’ve wished I never lost the habit of blogging / longer-form writing, and although I’m kicking…

[this story was originally posted on DEV]

Along with many others in tech, I’ve been working from home on a forced-permanent basis since mid-March. Over that time, I’ve incrementally improved my working environment. I’ve been living in the place I’m currently at for a little over 7 years, but up until recently, had only a small cheap desk that I’d picked out in a hurry, and it was becoming increasingly frustrating as a day-to-day workspace — in fact, my “home office” felt incredibly unfinished.

In the past few weekends, I’ve finally got around to “properly fixing” the space. I Tweeted…

(spoilers: let’s move on)

What was “Victory in Europe”? – it was a defining victory for peace and freedom.

Amazon’s infallible algorithm is suggesting I might want to buy Union Flag bunting, or a “stick the cigar on the Churchill” game, stuff I assume is in high demand ahead of the 75th anniversary of VE Day this coming Friday.

Let’s get sensible.

Yes, preserving freedom in Europe in the war in the 1940s was hugely important (oh, and sorry fellow Brits, did you know that the resulting alliances helped to create an enduring political peace and the European Union, that we just WITHDREW FROM…

As a long-time confirmed Trek fan (I read TOS novels at school… I was secretary of my university Star Trek society, I stood in line for the first of the Next Gen movies back when I was at university too, wrote magazine articles… oh, I’m the geek you always knew I was) — I loved Star Trek: Picard.

The series logo for Star Trek: Picard

As a former colleague challenged me, though — did I love it because I was already steeped in the history of the show, or because it was independently good science fiction? That’s a fair question.

Picard, like Discovery before it, became…

A few weeks ago, I Tweeted the realisation that I left university 21 years ago, and since then I’ve been working in tech — sometimes a surprise both to me and to others, given that I started out armed with nothing more than a degree in Modern History, and a lot of self-taught coding skills, mostly from Acorn computers. C and BBC BASIC, baby!

Oh, and Final Fantasy VII came out in the same year I got my first job in tech — fantastic game!

Aside from those calling me a young whippersnapper (etc.), …

When I was 10 years old, I learned that my father had a brain tumour. He was treated, our family life continued.

Around that same time — just before, actually — I’d been taken out of my state comprehensive education, and moved into a private school 10 miles from where I lived and grew up. …

On Saturday, I attended the Unite for Europe March in London.

Together, for now

It was the first time I’ve ever taken part in an organised protest or march, and it was probably also the first time I’ve ever felt strongly enough about an issue to feel motivated to do so.

As I walked from the Tube to the meeting point at the start of the route, I was thinking about all we’ll lose as we head into this coming week, towards Mrs May’s intended date for triggering Article 50 and starting the two years of exit negotiations.

My father was born into…

aka #firstworldproblems

Three weeks ago, as I was leaving Tokyo after my first trip to Japan, I accidentally abandoned my iPhone in the back of a cab as I ran into the airport. The sinking feeling crossed with panic as I realised it was no longer in my pocket, was compounded by the fact that it carried my electronic boarding pass, TripIt itinerary with flight details, my Apple Pay wallet, lots of podcasts and music for the flight, and of course my main means of communication with home via iMessage, email or phone.

When I went back to the…

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